Procrastination and Ways to Deal with It

According to the dictionary definition, procrastinate means

‘to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it, because you are lazy, etc.’ (Merriam-Webster)

Did you ever experience this? Did you ever postpone doing your assignment that was due two weeks ago and you did it the last minute? This is called procrastination. I also procrastinated in my freshmen year in my university life. In fact, not only did I postpone doing my assignment but also the readings I had to do for every class. I used to read them an hour before my class started. No, this did not prove to be beneficial. I did this to escape the workload but instead, what I realized later was that I was burdening myself. On top of that, I was never able to give my 100 percent because I use to run out of time.
For those who think delaying your work will help you to relax are wrong. Unless and until you are not done with your work, believe it or not in your subconscious it’ll be bugging you.

Additionally, those of you who think that the marathon game is working for you, be sure that it will not last. You can’t always get through your situation using short-cuts. So, this is the time when you should take action.
Now again there is no short route to take action. You’ll have to work regularly and efficiently in order to avoid procrastination. Otherwise, the amount of energy that you would have to utilise under normal conditions will have to be doubled when you do it the last minute with an added disadvantage- of not being able to do it at your best.

Even before taking action, you need to prepare yourself mentally. Once you are mentally determined, there is no stopping you physically from getting your work done. Recognize that you procrastinate and get to the cause behind it. Once you acknowledge it, you’ll be able to drag yourself towards encountering procrastination.

So, now that you are ready, the question is how can you encounter it?

The first step is that you put in an effort to convince your mind that procrastination will have negative effects.

Create a picture of the consequences that will follow if you do not get your work done on time. There will be a certain fear that will develop but keep in mind that it does not start living in you. Fearing for the good is not bad but beginning to fear from the unknown will drastically reduce your work efficiency. Learn how you can balance your thoughts to motivate and get yourself to work on time.

After imagining what the consequences can be, get down to work. Make a list of things that you need to do and assign a deadline for it (the deadline you assign should be before the original deadline). Skim through all the work you have to do like going through the assignments for each course and if the deadlines of all the tasks are nearby, start with the one that you think is easy. Once you start you’ll get in the flow and will be able to get done with all the tasks on the list.
Best of luck!