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James Watling

Hello, and welcome to my Domain!

My name is James Watling and I am a Senior Ruby on Rails developer. I have worked in several development roles at various companies and have had the opportunity to work on some exciting projects.

I am originally from New Zealand, and moved to Singapore in September 2014.

I am a Ruby fanatic, and have built many production apps using both react and react native!

Full-time at Tendersave
Spare-time at Consilio
Full-time at Catch Design
Full-time at
Full-time at
92% Ruby
85% SQL
83% APIs
62% JS

What I do

I love what I do, and love helping others to love what they do.

I am a back-end developer with a love for everything Ruby

James Watling ruby


I have been using Ruby/Rails for many years now, and everyday is a joy. Primarily using Rails 3/4. Experience working on projects small to large.

James Watling experimenting


Another thing about me is I love learning new, more efficient ways of doing things. Always striving to be a better developer, and a better person.

James Watling technology


Due to the love of experimenting, you will often find me playing with the latest technology, both software and hardware.

James Watling results

Results Driven

I am incredibly hard working, and like to get results. Whether working in a team, or rocking it solo I will always be trying to do the best for everyone.

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Where I have worked

Here is a quick overview of the last three places I have worked.


Roomorama is a booking site that provides a platform for individuals and property managers to rent unoccupied living spaces and other short-term lodging to guests. Having over 300,000 properties in 143 countries.


Catch is a creative digital agency based in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand. Specialising in digital strategy, user experience, design, development, websites, mobile applications and online marketing.


TenderSave is the place where businesses like yours come to find the best value offer for their business supplies. You can request proposals from a wide range of providers of business supplies such as telecommunications, energy and courier services.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Contact me

James Watling

Skype: jamesjamesjames2010


(+65) 828 61636